Noh Reimagined 2024: Sumidagawa and Kinuta

Classics of Noh Tragedy 21, 22 June 2024 “Noh Reimagined” festival 2024 at Kings Place celebrates two masterpiece tragedies of traditional Japanese theatre: “Sumidagawa” and “Kinuta”. “Sumidagawa” by Kanze Motomasa (c. 1394-1432) is one of the most renowned Noh plays … Continued

Charitable Status

To assist our efforts to meet the needs of the communities we work with, and to build upon the trust and confidence we’ve inspired in such communities, we are now registered as a Charity !! (Registered Charity Number 1157965).

Azuki Foundation Newsletter 2013-14

INTRODUCTION Welcome to our first annual newsletter! Azuki Foundation was established in October 2012 to increase public awareness of Japan and to promote culture and well-being. Through providing a unique series of practical, interactive group workshops specifically designed for older … Continued