Ayatori – Japanese “Cat’s Cradle” Connection – first workshop starts in Islington 1/11/2013

Azuki Foundation’s unique workshop for older people started on 1st November in Islington at St Lukes Community Centre, and Claremont Project.  This workshop focused on Ayatori which may be considered as a more sophisticated and artistic version of the western children’s game of Cat’s Cradle.  Participants have the opportunity to manipulate their fingers  and create intricate patterns in string.  It is both stimulating and creative. Research in Japan has shown it to be beneficial for older people in keeping them active and aware.  As it can be done in groups it promotes social interaction. Adding to that excitement, we start the warming up with Japanese bon dance or traditional dance with elegant movement or arms, and various exercise for fingers, hands and arms. Fingers of participants gets warmed up ready for ayatori. The leaders and supervisors have been very pleased with the enthusiastic reaction of the participants to the workshops. But don’t take our word on this, judge for yourself from the attached photographs!

Workshop at Claremont Project, 20th December

followed by a Japanese tea and sake Christmas party:

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