Japanese folk dance workshop at the Claremont project
Japanese folk dance workshop at the Claremont project, October 2016.


From the Azuki Foundation’s inception, its core workshop series has focused on Japanese art forms which are fun to do and which promote both well-being and interest in the culture of Japan.

We recently offered a series of Japanese Japanese folk dance workshop for older people led by a folk dance expert Yasuna Higuma at the Claremont project, St. Lukes Community Centre, and Alsen Day Centre from September 2016 to January 2017.

Japanese home cooking classes for the community were initiated in 2015 held at the stylish Central Street Cookery School, and the most recent series led by Atsuko’s Kitchen and Noriko Tanaka January—March 2017 concluded with great success.




We have also held more of our popular Japanese folk dance classes in which participants learn diverse styles of dance and create their own original choreography.

These classes have been led by qualified masters and have included Otedama (Japanese bean bag juggling) and Ayatori (an artistic version of the game ‘cat’s cradle’).

All these activities require co-ordination, concentration, precision and social interaction (although they can be performed alone as well as in groups).


Azuki Foundation poem inspired by large origami crane Azuki Foundation cats cradle


We are grateful for the support from “Award for All” (Big Lottery), Cripplegate Foundation and Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.


“The lessons Japan has for the UK on dementia” As the UK population ages, our politicians are looking at the policies of a country where one in four people is over 65.

Dr Mayumi Hayashi (Leverhulme early career fellow at King’s College London) The Guardian, 11 June 2013.